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Despite the small size of Slovenia, there are quite a few casinos there. Also, an important fact is that casinos are actually in every Slovenian region. The fewest of them are in the Dolenjska region (1 casino) and in the Štajerska region (1 casino). There are more of them in the Central region (2) and in the Gorenjska region (4). The most casinos in Slovenia are located in the Primorska region (8). 

Seeing the broad selection and the number of casinos per area, we can definitely say that Slovenia is a country of casinos. In fact, players in the Gorenjska region and in the Primorska region find it difficult to navigate the offer and the quality. That is why we are going to look at some of the best casinos available in Slovenia, and see their specifics and advantages. 

Perla Casino, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Casino Perla Nova Gorica
Casino Perla Nova Gorica

The Perla casino is located in Nova Gorica. Its address is Kidričeva cesta 7. On one hand, it’s very close to the seaside, and on the other hand, it’s very close to the mountains. Goriška Brda and the Soča river are close. 

In the Perla casino, you will experience casino games in the best possible way. One of the biggest casinos in Europe offers exciting casino games, more than 900 slot machines and 90 tables where you can play a wide selection of casino games. There’s always something happening at the Perla casino so you can enjoy in different tournaments, competitions and promotions that are available on a daily basis. 

Perla Casino’s Tables

With over 90 tables, you can choose between different games, such as American and French roulette, different types of poker, Punto Banco, Blackjack and Chemin de Fer. Many tournaments and competitions are held in the evenings, making the atmosphere all the more varied.

Perla Casino’s Slot Machines

You can pick from 888 slot machines in the Perla casino. They differ from one another. You can choose from top-of-the-line modern slot machines, attractive slot machines and classic old-time slot machines. You can also play on slot machines that offer the possibility of a minimal bet of €0,01 and progressive slot machines with a possibility of huge winnings. 

Perla’s Open Air Casino

In Perla’s comfortable spaces with a contemporary design, you can try your luck on 86 of the state-of-the-art slot machines, take a breather in the bar in the roofed lobby and try new culinary specialties and wine. You can enjoy all of this every day, in every season, in all kinds of weather.

Perla Casino’s Privé

Privé is the section for the most discerning players. Both, slot machine lovers and those who enjoy playing at the table will get their chance to play in the Perla casino. The Perla casino offers Privé tables and Privé slot machines. 


Bingo is a simple a fun game, suitable for all ages. The goal of the game is to cross out all 24 numbers on the card, except for the 25 in the center. 

Park Casino, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Park Casino Nova Gorica
Park Casino Nova Gorica

Only a few hundred meters along the street from the Perla casino is the Park casino. The Park casino is one of the biggest and most attractive casinos in Europe. Most people claim that their staff is the most hospitable. 

We can roughly say that the games selection in the Park casino is the same as in the Perla casino but, there is a difference. The Park casino offers less tables. 

There are 20 tables altogether in the Park casino with a selection of eight games. 

What You Can Play in the Park Casino

In the Park casino in Nova Gorica (in Slovenia), you can choose from eight different games.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em, a game based on poker and very popular among poker enthusiasts, is possible to play with the minimal bet of €5. The maximum bet is €100. 

The American roulette can be played with a bet of €1 and a maximum bet of €300. 

You can play Super Punto Banco with a minimal bet of €100 and a maximum bet of €5000. 

One attraction is the Hit Progressive Draw Poker, described as: “exciting and tense game of Hit Progressive Draw Poker, one of the best card games for beginners”.

Besides all this, you can also play other table games such as Double Deck Blackjack and classic Blackjack. 

Slot machines

You can choose from a whooping 435 slot machines with attractive games in an elegant and calm environment. You can pick from traditional or video slot machines, or machines with the electronic roulette which offers a lot of fun and interesting bonus games. To make playing more exciting, you can try for progressive winnings on single slot machines or for group progressive winnings on multiple slot machines.

There is also accommodation available, along with great food and drink. 

Grand Casino Lipica, Slovenia

Grand Casino Lipica
Grand Casino Lipica

Grand Casino Lipica is firstly an entertainment center and secondly a casino. It’s set in a unique environment, somewhat atypical for a casino, though definitely immensely beautiful an idyllic. Why? It’s surrounded by a golf course and the grassy area truly makes a lovely homely atmosphere. 

Nearby are also an equestrian park and several stables. As far as the environment goes, we can say that the Grand Casino Lipica truly offers a one of a kind combination.

Games in the Lipica Casino

As far as the game selection goes, players can choose from American roulette, Blackjack, poker (Caribbean draw, Texas holdem, and ultimate Texas holdem), bingo, and Punto Banco. 

Slot Machines

There is a choice of slot machines, offering 360 playing spots with four electronic roulettes of the latest generation that guarantee good graphics, bonus games and progressive jackpots. 

Grand Casino Portorož – Portorož

Grand Casino Porotorož
Grand Casino Porotorož

The Grand Casino Portorož is located in Portorož and is surrounded by the Sečovlje Saltworks ant the Saint Lawrence hill.  It’s about tradition since the Grand Casino Portorož has been standing here for a hundred years. 

Grand Casino Portorož is a casino with the longest standing tradition in Slovenia. Besides gambling, it also offers an excellent culinary selection and quality accommodations

We can confidently say it’s one of the casinos, offering the most entertainment since they are organizing different events such as: 

  • Tasting events
  • Gala dinners
  • Live music
  • Miss Casino Portorož pageant
  • Fashion shows
  • Dance numbers
  • Banquets
  • Theme parties

Games in the Portorož Casino

The Portorož casino offers 37 new slot machines (brands IGT, Bally, Konami and Novomatic) and new games with progressive jackpots. There are 241 slot machines with minimal bets starting already at €0,01.

Another special feature are electronic roulettes, offering 24 spots for players. 


The many tables at Grand Casino Portorož offer games such as American and French Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Holdem, Ultimate Texas Holdem and Caribbean Poker, Punto Banco, Chemin De Fer and Bingo.

Other Casinos in Slovenia (listed by region)

In addition to the above, there are many more casinos in Slovenia. The list can be found below: 

Casinos in the Central Region (Ljubljana and its vicinity)

There are two casinos available in Ljubljana. These are the Admiral Lev casino and the Rio casino. both are located along the Tivolska cesta which is in close proximity to the city center. 

Casinos in the Gorenjska Region 

There are four casinos in the Gorenjska region. Going from Ljubljana, the first one is the Cezar casino in Kranj. Then, the Tivoli casino can be found in Lesce. Next to the Bled Lake, both tourists and locals can relax in the Bled casino. Tha farthest from Ljubljana is the Korona casino (resort & enertainment) in Kranjska Gora.

Casinos in the Štajerska and Dolenjska Regions

To the east of Slovenia, two casinos can be found. One is the Kongo hotel, restaurant and casino. It’s located in Grosuplje. The Diamond Palace casino is also relatively close, but it’s already in Croatia. 

Casinos in the Primorska Region

All of the above casinos are located in the Primorska region. We haven’t mentioned the Riviera casino (Portorož), the Safir hotel and casino (Sežana), the Fortuna casino, and he Drive In casino, the last two are both located in Nova Gorica. 

How to Choose the Right Casino in Slovenia

There is a large selection of casinos in Slovenia. Which one is the right one for you, primarily probably depends on the location. Nobody wants to go on a two-hour drive after a “strenuous” game. On the other hand, the seasoned players prioritize the quality and diversity of the games, and the atmosphere in a specific casino, location being less important. That’s why it’s difficult to give a general answer when asked which casino in Slovenia is the best or the right one for me. 

As we’ve already mentioned, every casino has its own specifics, disadvantages and advantages. The Lipica casino might offer more in terms of the atmosphere, perhaps by combining the activities that are possible in the vicinity. On the other hand, the Perla casino can give us the true feeling of a TOP casino with its size. Then in Portorož, we can relay by the seas and enjoy the seaside atmosphere. 

There are also events and game opportunities. The Portorož casino truly stands out with its exceptional events (the Miss Casino pageant). Also worth mentioning is the Privé in the Perla casino that will definitely impress many with the attention given to the players. 

A special feature are the roulette machines in the Lipica casino. In its special way, this game can also appeal to many. 

All in all, if you are looking for a land-based casino in Slovenia you now have more than enough information about the selection and special features. It’s your turn now. Visit one that you haven’t before or try one of the online casinos that are also available in Slovenia. Gambling in online casinos is also completely legal in Slovenia, the odds are good and the game itself is as comfortable as your armchair at home.

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